Our target is creating natural and unique furniture


bliżej natury


FOREST.art creates solid oak furniture, polished with natural products.  We are in an excellent location with a friendly reliable workforce.


Having profound knowledge and experience in woodwork our dream is creating environmentally friendly furniture with the scent of the forest.  Our furniture is associated with rustic décor and can be part of many decorating styles.


All our furniture is handmade, every piece being a unique masterpiece.  We strive to protect the environment using timber from the silvicuture system.  This system is the process of tending, harvesting and regenerating the forest.


FOREST.art gives an interesting décor to your home.  We have many different styles and colours that suit every space.



Welcome to our world where attention to detail and uniqueness is equally important as taking care of nature.



Paweł Jastrzębowski

and  FOREST.art team